About Us

About Us

HeatherLily was established as the brainchild of Heather Thomas, a naturally gifted designer with a consuming entrepreneurial spirit. In 1999, Heather applied for her Ohio sales tax number and started running the business out of her home. Her first event was Mother’s Day Brunch at Shaker Country Club. Graciously assisted by her family with the set up and delivery of the 30 plus floral centerpieces, the brunch proved to be a success!

With the first official profit from that event she was able to scrape together enough money to buy the company’s first (previously owned) cooler. Word of mouth quickly spread and the company eventually outgrew its homegrown quarters. Several subletting spaces later lead HeatherLily to its current home for the past ten years in the ArtCraft Building, located on Superior Avenue in Cleveland. Immediately when Heather saw the space, her natural event design intuition allowed her to look beyond the dated wood panels and smoke stained ceilings and see the potential for what it could be. She never looked back.

Heather was able to take a vast warehouse and turn it into what she had envisioned from the very start: a large showroom and design space brimming with fabric ceilings, suspended crystal chandeliers and custom designed signature pieces in addition to the freshest flowers.

Today, the original refurbished cooler that helped start the business is positioned right next to the large 17 foot walk in cooler. Heather keeps it there as a reminder to never forget where she came from and the people who helped and inspired her along her way.

Heather’s passion is creating amazing events on a weekly basis and being able to do something she truly loves everyday of her life.

Currently HeatherLily continues to expand its client base and design repertoire, and is a leading force on the local event and floral design scene. They are known for finding and creating emerging trends, having an aptitude for unique visual perspectives and a strong drive to collaborate, generate and transcend.


Meet The Team

Hi, my name is Kevin. I’m the Operations Manager at HeatherLily. My responsibilities range from business development to day of event coordination.

My extensive and diverse background in business marketing and human resources at major corporations gave me great insight and knowledge that I can now utilize here, at HeatherLily. Not only do I have a corporate background but I also have many years in the floral and event design industry. Several of my college summers were spent working at HeatherLily. During those summers I discovered my passion for the floral and event industry. The constant evolution and development within the event industry captivated me very early on. To this day, I use that development as motivation in every aspect of my work. Having the opportunity to make someone’s special wedding day every weekend has truly inspired my work. I consider myself lucky to work in the event design industry, more specific at HeatherLily, where my passion for the event industry is matched whole-heartily by the rest of the team. Whether you see me on your day or not, I am the backbone of logistics! I make sure your bouquets arrive on time, the centerpieces are placed and the candles are lit.

Hello! My name is Helen. While you may first meet me on the phone or through email, a typical day finds me working with flowers, designing invitations or shopping for that perfect detail to complete this week’s weddings and events. Life at HeatherLily affords such a rewarding outlet for creativity. I can’t think of anywhere else where you work so closely with someone to make the happiest day of their life come true. This really is a dream job!

I hold a degree in Architecture, however I credit serendipity with stumbling upon where I am today. Working for an architectural firm while planning my own wedding opened my eyes to the fulfilling world of event and floral design. I’m so happy that I’ve found a way to marry spatial planning and CAD drawings with the work I do for HeatherLily. I also credit those long studio nights for introducing a life of creativity with my OCD-ish attention to detail. I have a passion for the handmade and enjoy paper-crafting, knitting, checking out blogs, baking cakes – the list goes on and on!



Design Philosophy

In a very short period of time, HeatherLily has become one of the most sought-after design companies in the local area. HeatherLily’s philosophy is that “a successful event begins with a great design.” Great events do not happen by themselves-there is an art to entertaining. HL events highly reflect their client’s style and personality so there is a strong identity and purpose behind them. We are consistently pushing ourselves to deliver the most unique designs created through a collaboration process with our clients. We are able to move beyond our comfort zone and push ourselves to continuously delivery a fresh and unique style for each one of our events.

To fulfill a client’s desire to be heard, while at the same time enlightening them as to the importance of scale, spatial planning and design.

To continually raise the bar and take a stand against lack of creativity, lackluster quality and indifferent customer service within the industry.

Over the years HeatherLily has developed close relationships with vendors, wholesalers and farms whose strict standards measure up to our own. Even among that select group, HeatherLily has a reputation for being hard to please.

Only fine quality items make an appearance at a HeatherLily event, underscoring the customer’s demand for the very best.